Pnut Short Link Extensions Available

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About Our Browser Addons

The Pnut Short Link Creator extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera. We want to make the process of creating a short link super fast for our users. Now all you need to do is install the extension. When installed and you are on the page which needs the URL to be shortened, just click the pnut icon, it will show you the link to be created. Click 'Create Short Link' and hey presto you are done - a short link to be used throughout the web and wherever you need to place it in social media. There is also a quick copy link to improve your workflow further and save you more time. Privacy is very important to us and our system only uses the long url, that you request to be shortened, to allow it to create the short link.

Screenshot of browser addon with original link
Screenshot of browser addon with created short link

If you have signed up to our free account, your link metrics will be available there.

What future developments will be made to the addons?

We will be improving the extension to offer QR codes and customized short links. These features are already available on the main site. We hope you enjoy the increased productivity and flexibility from the extensions and would appreciate any feedback you want to give us.

Bookmarklet Option

We still provide a bookmarklet option for those who prefer to add it to their browser toolbar to create a shortened URL link:

+ PnutLink

Our bookmarklet makes it much easier and faster for you to create small urls. Just drag the link above to your browser toolbar and click it when on a page where you want to create a short link. was created to enable users to produce tiny small user friendly URLs (a pnut) and QR codes from long links. Please report any short links are breaking our terms to