Pnut creates a small URL for any long links that you have.

A short link will be created automatically unless you add your own custom text in the optional box below. If you would like to see more detailed analysis, further metrics and reports on who is engaging with your short links please sign up to our free account. Using our free service you can insert URLs into email and all social media apps so that you never have issues with the links wrapping incorrectly or breaking.

OPTIONAL - Add a custom name - personalise the small link with your choice (please use any alphanumeric combination). The shortened links do not expire:

Minimum is 3 characters for custom name

Your QR code will be created automatically - you choose the colors

The QR code is a quick response code which is a two dimensional barcode and can be used on media to provide a fast way to get to your chosen short link. Pick your custom QR code colors below or just use the defaults that are set:



PREVIEW LINK - see where the short link goes. For example, if the shortened URL is just enter this and click SHOW to preview the destination link.

What is a url shortener?

A url shortener is a service to take long urls that exists in so many places on the web and make it short. A lot of long urls are just created automatically and are difficult to copy and paste to somewhere else without breaking them, they are not user friendly. Another reason to create a short url is so it can be placed into social networks easily such as twitter. Our pnut url shortening service also allows to create your own customizable short links and QR codes. In the near future we will release a url shortener api to allow more interation with our current site.

We have browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera that make it even quicker to create that short URL.

Inspirational Quote

“If you believe the noises of the world, rather than the silences of your soul, you will be lost.”

Neale Donald Walsch

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A quote tree app by arenacreations was created to enable users to produce tiny small user friendly URLs (a pnut) and QR codes from long links. Please report any short links are breaking our terms to